4 Ways Contract Staffing Gives Your Company Flexibility

Contract staffing is becoming an increasingly attractive solution for employers because of its flexibility. Employers are turning to recruitment firms for highly skilled, shorter term labor. Different from a temporary worker or a full-time employee, contract staffers offer companies a new way to handle complex staffing needs. Consider these possible scenarios that make contract staffing such a value-driven proposition:

    1. They provide service when you can’t hire full-time employees. During a hiring freeze, your company may not have the ability to hire a new employee. However, you still need to manage workflows and meet deadlines. Contract employees may fall outside the scope of the hiring freeze, giving you access to the talent needed to finish a time-sensitive project.
    2. You need skilled work but can’t hire or train full-timers. Unlike temporary work, which typically involves entry level or unskilled workers, contract staffing provides skilled labor in a variety of roles. From accounting to project management, skilled work gives your company the ability to maintain industry standards without investing in long-term training or a full-time hire. You can find contract staffers with many levels of experience and across a number of departments.

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  1. You’re not ready to invest in a full-time employee. In some situations, you may have an idea for creating a new role but need to test the waters first. When you hire a contract staffer, you can easily take 9-10 months to see if the new position will provide a return for the company. If and when you’re ready to make the hire, you may have the opportunity to hire the contractor who has already proved him or herself in the role.
  2. A skilled employee needs to take an extended leave of absence. What happens when your top performing sales representative needs to take a leave of absence to handle an illness in the family? Your hands are typically tied between managing the daily workload while short staffed or hiring another employee. With a contract staffer, you can maintain normal operations without finding room in the budget for a new hire or making a decision that could harm a loyal employee.

If you need an alternative to a direct hire recruiter and unskilled temporary staffing, consider flexible hiring. The arrangement provides you with the talent you need while giving you the flexibility to postpone full-time hire decision making. At Integrity Search Solutions, we specialize in skilled contract staffing in a number of fields. Let us know how we can help your company succeed today.

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