Why Now is the Right Time to be a Contract Worker

Contract work offers employers several attractive benefits, but the arrangement often appeals to contract staffers, as well. While some people prefer the structure of a regular routine, 2016 is a great year to explore talent-driven contract work. Here’s why:

    1. It provides flexibility. Savvy contractors know how to negotiate for the environment, work, and schedule that suits them best. Typically driven by a short-term or long-term project deadline, contractors may then have the opportunity to move on to a different job or accept any permanent job offers. In other words, the typical workday restraints W2 employees endure don’t always apply to independent contractors.
    2. Contract work provides a sense of freedom and independence. In many ways, contract staffers are their own bosses. If they want to take a Friday afternoon off at the end of the workweek or work a 12 hour day on Sunday so they can attend a school field trip on Monday, they can. Contractors typically have the freedom to choose when and how they work. Note: Some contract work may require certain hours onsite. Every contract is different.

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  1. Contract staffers don’t have to deal with office politics and stress. As soon as the gig is up, they can move on to a different work environment. Executive management turnover, promotion considerations, and pay raises don’t affect contractors with negotiated terms of service.
  2. Occasionally, they have access to better benefits. Some businesses offer non-competitive benefits, making full-time employment less appealing. Today, contractors may find competitive rates, financial products, and insurance products that offer equally beneficial returns/coverage.
  3. Immediate gratification. Contractors may collaborate with full-time employees, but they don’t have to share their successes with a team or watch as a manager takes credit for work they accomplished.
  4. Improved pay. While contractors don’t have access to direct employment benefits, many make far more from a typical project than their employed counterparts. Depending on your skill level and industry, you may have an opportunity to take more time off and still make more money than employees who work regular hours.

If you’re a skilled worker and you’re tired of the typical 9-5 grind or you’re looking for a way to grow your own reputation in a field, consider working with a recruiting firm that specializes in contract staffing. At Integrity Search Solutions, we offer both direct hire and contracting staffing solutions for our clients and job seekers. Allow us to find the right fit for your next project, and see where contract staffing takes you.

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