No HR Department? No Problem—Here’s How to Streamline the Hiring Process

Hiring a successful employee can be a process-heavy affair. Sifting through résumés, conducting interviews, and responding to job posts all cost time and money – valuable commodities in the business world. For small businesses without an HR department, a recruitment firm can step in to pick up the slack and create a more efficient system during hires.

Almost half of job offers to top candidates are turned down. When you spend time and money chasing a prospect, this can be more than just discouraging. Often, top candidates turn down jobs because the hiring process is too long, and they receive a job offer from another organization. Keep ahead of the competition and secure the best job candidates by shortening your hiring process.

Start With a Clear Vision

Before even listing a job posting, make sure that you’re clear about what you want from an employee. What are the day-to-day work tasks? How do you envision their role within the company? Will there be room for promotion or for a prospect to take on more responsibility? If so, will you offer continuing education opportunities? The more specific you are about the position, the easier it will be for you—and a recruitment firm—to narrow your list of candidates and find the perfect match.

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Automate Whenever Possible

A recruitment firm can help you automate your processes, from job post management to candidate screening. Consider a few options:

  • Prescreening tools let you narrow your list to the most desirable candidates using filters, such as résumé qualifications or references.
  • Automated assessments identify only the most promising candidates with the right industry knowledge.
  • Ensure your salary and benefits are competitive. A recruitment firm will help you shorten your hiring process through automation, but it also will make sure you’re attracting the right candidates.

Keep It Simple

It can be tempting to list your job posting on every board and website you can think of, hoping to get a large pool of candidates. This leads to confusion and more (less-than-quality) candidates to sift through. A recruiting firm can help you select a few high-quality channels to attract a smaller pool of top-tier talent.

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